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About Damarque

Damarque - What's in a name

Da is Latin and comes from dare, which means 'to give'. Giving is our guiding philosophy. Dare also stands for 'courage': having the courage to challenge the status quo and being open to new perspectives and alternative ways of doing things. Marque is French for 'brand' or 'imprint'. We seek to leave a positive imprint with our clients through our open, honest and pragmatic ways of working. The Q in Damarque stands for 'Questions' and 'Quality'. We keep an open mind with a focus on learning and insight through asking high quality questions rather than giving answers. We also strive for quality and excellence in all we do. In summary, Damarque stands for ‘to give as a brand’ and to have the courage to make a high, positive impact on people for a (slightly) better world.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission is to coach and inspire professionals to increase their self-awareness and become lifelong learners for the benefit of themselves and their organizations. Our Vision is to be the leading provider of high impact business coaching services in the world. Our Values and guiding principles include Giving first, having the Courage to make a difference and putting Quality at the center of everything we do.

What we offer

We offer high-impact professional training, leadership coaching and business mentoring services for professionals, teams and organizations to help improve performance and innovation capability in an efficient and sustainable way.

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