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Accountability = Good Decisions [Infographic]

Hexigo created an infographic based on data from McKinsey and Harvard Business Review on how decisions are made, what good decisions are and so on. One of the more interesting outcomes was that 60 per cent do not measure the effectiveness of decisions, which could be cause of not being fit for measurement.

Five Qualities to Look for in an Executive Coach

Five Qualities to Look for in an Executive CoachWe previously reported about the Stanford study around CEOs and coaching, Erika Andersen gives on basis of the research her advice on the five qualities to look for when choosing an executive coach.

Five Steps to Data-Driven Marketing

Five Steps to Data-Driven Marketing Teradata released the results of their data-driven marketing survey and the survey shows why data-driven marketing has not yet picked-up yet in all organizations and more importantly what organizations can do to change that. posted an infographic about the findings of the survey, including the five steps to data-driven marketing.

Top Three Reasons Why Business Coaches are Engaged

Top Three Reasons Why Coaches are EngagedHBR conducted a survey among 140 leading coaches and invited five experts to comment on the findings. According to HBR “commentators and coaches alike felt that the bar needs to be raised in various areas for the industry to mature, but there was no consensus on how that could be done.” Read further to learn about the top three reasons why coaches today are engaged.

The Key Difference Between Business Coaching and Organizational Coaching

The Key Difference Between Business Coaching and Organizational CoachingOrganizational coaching is an evolution and development as a response for organizations that want to develop and grow more holistically. To create successful businesses through coaching, we consider organizations as living organisms, self-created systems that are constantly in motion. The learning organization becomes authentic and resilient; a great place to work and do business with, producing superior results that are sustainable over the long run.

The Paradox of Focus

The Paradox of FocusWOW, great article by Vishen Lakhiani of Mindvalley on the myth of focus and why many great entrepreneurs persued multiple projects at once. There are two things that stood out to me in the article and important when it comes to focus and happiness, be it as employee or as entrepreneur.

Are You a Penguin or Cockroach?

Are You a Penguin or Cockroach?Cody Lundin, in the Discovery Channel reality show “Dual Survival”, gave his perspective on surviving and thriving by comparing the penguin and the cockroach in context. The show features a pair of survival experts in challenging environments. In one of the shows Cody Lundin (a naturalist and primitive-skills expert) was exploring his direct surroundings and told about the penguin and cockroach and got me thinking if and how this would make sense in a business environment.

Team Umizoomi’s Team Collaboration Mantra. What’s Yours?

Team Umizoomi’s Team Collaboration Mantra. What’s Yours?Do you know Team Umizoomi? It’s an animated serie for kids with an emphasis on preschool mathematical concepts, such as counting, sequences, shapes, patterns, measurements, and comparisons. Our kids love it and apparently Team Umizoomi has also a team collaboration mantra.

Four Key Characteristics of Successful Data Scientists

Four Key Characteristics of Successful Data ScientistsThe (big) data market is not just about technologies and platforms, it's about creating new opportunities and solving problems and data scientists are key in creating and solving them. In a phone-interview with InformationWeek, Dr. Andrew Jennings, chief analytics officer at FICO and head of FICO Labs, reveals his three characteristics and one that I added.

Seven Tips to Get Started as Reverse Mentor

Seven Tips to Get Started as Reverse MentorAccording to Kevin Baughen, director of the charity marketing and communications consultancy Bottom Line Ideas, reverse mentoring holds many benefits for both the individuals and organizations, from increased skills to the fresh view gained by senior people.


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