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50 Definitions of Employee Engagement

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50 Definitions of Employee Engagement (image from Causecast)Employee engagement is growing in attention, the amount of researches in relation to organizational performance are increasing. However on the term ‘employee engagement’ is interpreted in many ways as the list below will show. Great work by Elizabeth Lupfer of the Social Workplace.

The list in no particular order:

  • Alan Lepofsky @alanlepo – Make sure there is a clear reason why employees should be using the tools you provide them, don’t just roll out the latest shinny object.
  • Andy Jankowski @andyjankowski – Social tools and processes materially contribute to Employee Engagement by addressing & enabling the core components of intrinsic motivation; Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose (as defined by Dan Pink in DRiVE – The surprising truth about what motivates us)
  • Rob Garcia @RobGarciaSJ – Engagement stems out from commitment and loyalty, which are both two way streets. Be ready to put your employees first before you roll out any social tools….then and only then you can really enable them to be more productive, more collaborative, more appreciated with social tools.
  • Sean Nicholson @seanrnicholson – Great ideas come from everywhere. ASK employees to contribute innovations & reward them for their input.
  • Lee Vincent ‏ @LeeVincent2 – Engagement comes from a sense of community (common purpose, aligned vision etc.). Effective communities are based on TRUST. Social can help you build and maintain trust but it needs to be purposeful.
  • Yvonne LaRose @Vivavoce – Motivation keeps [employees] focused on goal attainment. It also spurs teamwork where necessary. Having the right tools and support shows management support and relevance. Motivation comes from the belief that what’s being done [by the employee] has positive impact on the ultimate goal (or that their input does so).
  • Christine McLeod @impactresults – Who you ARE is more important than what you DO. Hire for attitude, train for skill #engagement.
  • Michael Brito @britopian – Employee engagement needs to be a strategic business initiative. they are trusted among their peers and can influence others.
  • Mary Barnes @IrishOats – Create an environment where employee initiated and driven efforts are welcome.
  • Zafira N @fantasyfinds – Be invested. For your employees to care about the business, they have to feel that you appreciate them.
  • Nicholas de Wolff @nicholasdewolff – Inspire excellence by advocating for innovation and transparency. Eliminate silos and fiefdoms.
  • Jacqueline Mills ‏@JackieSueMills – Employee engagement is the missing link to help the US economy fully recover and become competitive again.
  • TemboSocial ‏@TemboSocial – Every business is a social enterprise. Focus on the people! Employee engagement
  • Achievers ‏@Achievers – An engaged employee is someone whose confident that their hard work has a meaningful impact on the organization. The key to building Employee engagement is creating a culture of recognition in the workplace.
  • Liz Harrell @Musical_Iris – As an employer, if you’re going to ask for employee input be prepared to use it. Don’t ask and then do the complete opposite anyways. (I hate it when my managers go on and on about things being a “team effort” when management has already made up their mind and ask our opinions anyways.)
  • Karen Dredske @kdredske – Don’t penalize mistakes that lead to learning and innovation — encourage them.
  • Charles Slang™ ‏@CharlieSlang – True employee engagement means management listens to front line workers, as they often have good ideas to increase efficiency!
  • Sean Reddell ‏@ThatHappyGuy – For me it’s being able to pursue things I’m interested in, using skills I like using, with people I like working with.
  • Lauren Fritsch ‏@MagnetismFactor – support their growth. even if it means growing out of role, division, company.
  • Sean Royer @Royersm87 – I love this question. Employee engagement is how in tuned employees are with their position in the company. When I think about my “team” I want them to come in with a sense of pride and entitlement to what they do. How do your employees view their job? As a 9-5 where they can’t wait to get home? We try to get employees engaged with the client. We want them to be proud of what they have produced and the impact that they have. I bring my employees out to company events to get them to feel as they are a true part of the company and not just a number. This ultimately helps their dedication and love for what they do and the company they are working to build.
  • Brandon Morris ‏@qb_baron – Employee engagement is employees who positively engage not only the customer, but everything about the business where they are employed. Let me also add that you generally do NOT get employee engagement without employer engagement with the employee…take a personal interest in them, you get a better worker plus one who is ENGAGED!
  • Gerry Dunn ‏@potomacsecret – Check in with employees often to see how they are (honestly) – what they need – how you can help them work more efficiently and show genuine care and gratitude for having them as employees. A happy employee will work harder and ultimately make more money for the employer.
  • Ernest Koncaba ‏@abacnok – Instill customer satisfaction and the ability to answer their questions. An ignored customer is a lost customer. Give the customer all the time they want.
  • Sandor Benko ‏@SandorBenko – Employee engagement begins when the company’s vision statement is big enough to cover the employee’s vision.
  • JB King ‏@jbking2 – Employee engagement isn’t just for HR! Every worker in a company has a responsibility for building the culture at an organization. What are you building today?

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