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Content Marketing: The Content and Context Diarchy

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Content and Context Diarchy - Content MarketingA diarchy is a form of governing by two rulers, diarchies are known for instance from ancient Sparta and Rome and is one of the oldest types of government. Within content marketing the Diarchy is becoming more needed, just quality content is not going to make it anymore. ExploreB2B wrote an article with a enumeration of reasons why content is not being read.

The reasons are:

  • Your blog is new
    There are millions of other blogs addressing the same topic as yours
    Potential readers are unable to find you
    You do not offer any subscription or information system
    You do not give enough information about the blog or author
    You post in irregular times and there are large spans of time in which there is no post
    You publish, but do not share or spread your content

Creating a good context for the purpose of qualitative and relevant content is just as important as the content itself.

Most importantly think how content marketing helps you in achieving your goals. This will set the context and directions you will undertake.

If you relate content marketing to your brand, your target audience and what you want to achieve, your content efforts are already being distinguished. Also look to create a ‘nervous system’ that understands what is going on in certain sectors or functions which you can use for content pieces. Make sure you syndicate your content in relevant social networks but also offer a sharing infrastructure. It needs to be dead easy to share.

Start mapping your content and context needs and keep drilling down till you have created a full and clear picture.

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