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The Four Benefits of Intangible Capital Management in the Social and Knowledge Era

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Intangible capitalRecently I interviewed Mary Adams, an expert in intangible capital management (ICM), on the intersection of intangible capital and social media. One of the important things to realize is that the intangible nature of the social and knowledge era forces businesses to look holistically at their business, to think differently about what makes the business competitive and viable. Intangible capital is  everywhere. Have a look at a clear introduction on what Intangible Capital is and what the benefits are.


The four benefits of IC Management:

  • Optimized performance
  • Increased innovation
  • Higher valuation
  • Great reputation

Read the interview to understand how intangible capital is defined.

Social media are enablers to cost-effecitvely support the four "capitals" within IC.

Think about Structural Capital, IT and processes that are more collaborative, to unlock and valorize knowledge.

Think about Relationship Capital and how social media are platforms (means) where stakeholders can communicate faster.

By taking an IC view, you can look at your business beyond functions, beyond departments and teams, and look at value that is being supported and concretized through your functions, departments etc.

Are you looking at your business from this intangible and holistic point of view?

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