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@NeelieKroesEU : "Europe needs to become the connected, competitive continent. The e-EU" #DSEU

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European CommissionNeelie Kroes, Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for the Digital Agenda, ends her speech in Sofia, 20 September 2012 with the following: "To find its place in the future global economy, Europe needs to become the connected, competitive continent. The e-EU. The right networks, skills and innovation can transform Europe for the better. I hope I can count on your support."

You can read her full speech here.

The most interesting project on thriving Europe and its digitization is the Digital Sunrise Europe project, a private project what started with a proposal to the EU that took a life of its own. Digital Sunrise is the result and probably the largest independent Social Media project in Europe.

Thousands of European businesses providing high quality products and services and deliver some of the very best products in the world. Yet most of them are rather unknown and mostly selling only in local markets. On the other side there are thousands of foreign businesses competing for the European market and the global competition is significantly increasing every year. Resource limitations, budgets, language barriers, emerging business challenges are main obstacles for European businesses not selling across Europe. Digital Sunrise Europe provides alternative growth strategies to help businesses expand and stimulate the economy.

Have a look here how you can get started and be involved in the Digital Sunrise Europe project!

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