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Only 16 Percent of Average Marketers Are Using a Social CRM System

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Only 16 percent of marketers are using a social crm systemIn a new survey, 469 marketers from different industries, small to large sized companies, and varying levels of expertise, were asked about the current state of Social Media Marketing. The survey found that only 16 percent of average marketers are using a social CRM against 44 percent amongst socially mature (mature is defined as social marketing budgets above $100,000) marketers.  An additional 26 percent plans on using a social CRM system by the end of 2012.

If we compare the 16 percent with the findings of Gartner last year it shows –depending on the comparison of definitions between the two- a slight growth. I compared the Managed stage from Gartner with the goals of Social CRM mentioned in the infographic, namely leads and sales.

The five stages of Social CRM adoption

Have a look at the other five key findings from the state of social media marketing infographic.


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