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Social Media Monitoring Tools Comparison Guide: Radian6 Tops

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Social media monitoring tools comparison guidePR 20/20 has created a social media monitoring tools comparison guidethat compares nine monitoring tools. They have compared things like price, the ideal user, blog coverage, social media coverage, email alerts, dashboard and more. There are a lot more monitoring tools, I don’t know why exactly thése nine have been selected, but it does give a good overview between the tools.

Radian6 tops the other eight tools. Of course it depends on what kind of user you are and for what objectives you want to use monitoring. The coverage, completeness and depth of Radian6 in terms of sources is impressive. Having a full (or near full) overview of the landscape is a precondition to do your analysis on. Have a look at the guide below.

Which monitoring tool do you advice which is not listed?


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