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The Ten Myths of Employee Engagement

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The Ten Myths of Employee EngagementEngagement in general is a subject that is not very tangible and hard to get. But when you are engaged or when the employees are engaged, “magic” happens. You become a leader as Lao Tzu described and people are fully supporting and acting on the organizational Why.

However, because it is intangible and not so easy to grasp, there are myths.

The first four employee engagement myths are from FastCompany:

Myth #1: It is possible to make everyone happy.
Busted: It is impossible to please multiple people simultaneously. Our individual desires often put us at odds with each other, but that’s why we invented compromise.

Myth #2: It is possible make just one person happy.
Busted: Have you ever tried to make someone else happy? Doesn’t work. Happiness isn’t something you can do for people. They have to find it on their own.

Myth #3: It is possible to create an ideal working environment.
Busted: There is no such thing as a perfect working environment. By its nature, the world is chock full of big problems, small annoyances and everything in between. The best employees work with what they have.

Myth #4: An ideal working environment would bring out the best in our employees.
Busted: We may imagine that a stress-free, problem-free workplace allows us to do our best work, but in fact humans can reach their full potential only when confronted by challenges. In a perfect world, our unique talents are not needed, and our motivation dissolves.

The other six employee engagement myths are from LiveMint (via

1. Compensation is the key driver of employee engagement.

2. Most high-performers are hi-potential employees.

3. The formal review process is the most important part of the review process.

4. The best business leaders are great at inspiring their employees.

5. Sales employees want a different EVP (Employee Value Proposition) than technology (IT) employees.

6. Organizations need to “buy or build” business leaders to improve leadership performance.

What other myth on employee engagement would you add?



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