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Business Coaching using three perspectives


Typical challenges where we may help include

As Business Coaches, we help organizations and leaders to significantly improve performance and results in a sustainable way through better employee engagement and collaboration.

With our unique approach, we co-create together with you renewed momentum for change and improvement in your people and your organization. We focus on enhancing your organization’s resilience, which is its capability for continued learning and renewal. We take three perspectives (lenses) when working with organizations: individual (micro), team (meso) and the whole organization (macro).

Our services include Leadership Coaching (1-to-1 support for senior managers), Business Mentoring (enhancing team effectiveness) and Professional Training (competence building and strategy alignment for professionals).

Please contact us to discuss how we may be of help.

  • Results staying behind despite increased efforts;
  • There is a lack of creativity and innovation in the organization;
  • Employees feel disengaged and show a lack of ownership and accountability;
  • Teams seem to be working in siloes;
  • There is a culture of blaming.

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