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What is business coaching?


The field of coaching is still developing rapidly. There are many definitions and ways to differentiate coaching from other professional intervention modalities. We use the following definitions.

The coaching field can roughly be defined in three segments: sports coaching, life coaching and business coaching. Sports coaching is obvious and needs no further elaboration here. Life coaching is involved with the support of people with their life questions, including career choices, work-life balance, relationships, health etc. Business coaching is different from life coaching as business coaching consideres the professional in the context of the organization. In business coaching, the coach and client have two goals: the positive development of the professional and the sustainable improvement of organizational outcomes, like overall employee engagement, financial results, innovation capability and customer loyalty. The ultimate goal of Business Coaching is to help clients build a learning organization.

Business Coaching is the most effective intervention modality for sustainable organizational improvement

At Damarque we believe that Business Coaching is the most effective intervention modality known today, for building sustainable improvement in organizations. Business Coaching enables organizations to keep learning and improving from within, based on its own unique values and culture. It builds on the hidden potential within organizations and treats the people as experts that just need a little help and some tools and strategies to get and stay in motion. Damarque considers organizations as living organisms, self-created systems that are constantly in motion.

At Damarque we work with organizations at three levels: macro (organization level), meso (team level), micro (individual level). In order to achieve sustainable improvement, all three levels have to be considered.

As Business Coaches we help leaders become more aware of the self-sustaining patterns of behavior in the system. Through our targeted, positive approach, we create momentum for change and help (re)build the organization's capacity for learning and sustainable improvement. The learning organization becomes authentic and resilient; a great place to work and do business with, producing superior results that are sustainable over the long run. A very exciting opportunity to work on with all stakeholders involved. A fresh and compelling perspective on organizational development, working with the hidden knowledge and potential within organizations.

Please have a look at our three intervention modalities under the Business Coaching menu option and contact us to explore how we may help you and your organization.

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